Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Trump turned on the legendary company

Us President Donald trump has turned on the legendary car tire manufacturer GoodYear, calling for a boycott of its products. The head of state wrote about this on Twitter.

“Don’t buy Goodyear tires — they announced a ban on MAGA baseball caps (Make America Great Again; “Make America great again”, the main campaign slogan of trump — approx.

During the briefing, he also said that he is dissatisfied with GoodYear because of the “political games” that the company’s management is playing. Trump promised to replace the tires on the presidential limousine with products from another manufacturer.

The President was criticized by a story on WIBW-TV, which claimed that GoodYear employees are prohibited from using a number of expressions and slogans, including Make America Great Again and Black Lives Matter (“black Lives matter”, the main slogan of the summer protests in the United States).

The company itself called the story biased and said that it forms a misconception about its corporate policy.