Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023

Named the best “safe haven currency”

The Japanese yen and Swiss franc remain relatively safe investments, but the dollar is the best “safe haven currency” (a reliable asset during the crisis), writes CNBC with reference to analysts at Morgan Stanley.

On August 18, the dollar fell to a 27-month low against a basket of other world currencies.

However, economists believe that low rates in the US make it more attractive for carry-trade deals. This trading strategy assumes that investors borrow in a low-yield currency (such as the dollar) to invest in high-yield assets in order to get a percentage difference.

During times of uncertainty, investors can sell high-yield assets and return the borrowed currency, which can strengthen it. However, some analysts call political uncertainty in the US a risk for the dollar. “The longer this situation persists, the higher the risk that the dollar sell — off may turn into a rout,” the economists are sure.

Earlier, the former head of Morgan Stanley Asia, Stephen roach, said that the dollar is waiting for a crash due to the growing budget deficit in the US. According to his forecast, the dollar could fall by 35 percent against other major currencies in the next couple of years.