Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023

Apple’s value has exceeded two trillion dollars

During trading on Wednesday, August 19, Apple’s capitalization exceeded two trillion dollars. No American company has previously been valued so highly, since March, its quotes have doubled, according to Reuters.

Apple’s stock price rose 1.4 percent to $ 468.63. Investors appreciated the fact that Apple users continued to buy its products even during the crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic, and when stores closed. At the same time, Apple’s revenue in June increased across all categories and in all geographical regions.

Currently, the capitalization of the main us technology corporations (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet) has exceeded six trillion dollars.

The explosive growth of Apple’s stock led to the fact that the current head of the company, Tim cook, became a dollar billionaire. However, this estimate is taken from open sources. Experts do not rule out that cook’s fortune may be less if he made anonymous charitable donations of large amounts.

Earlier, the Moscow exchange announced that it will launch trading in Apple shares starting September 7. Also, from August 24, you can buy shares of other s&P 50 participants, including Microsoft, Amazon, NVIDIA, McDonald’s, Intel, Facebook, Twitter, and Boeing.